Daniel G. Groody (editor), Gustavo Gutierrez: Spiritual Writings, Orbis Books, 2012, 256pp, £12.99, (available from Alban Books)

Every good theology is founded upon a good spirituality. Theology enables us to talk the talk. Spirituality energises us to walk the walk. Faith, the gracious gift by which we know ourselves loved by God, precedes all. Faith illumines the mind to know what we believe and moves the heart to practice our Faith, committing ourselves totally for the life of the world, life in abundance.

The theology of liberation (TL) is a theology, a talking about God, rooted in the journeying of the poor and the mystical tradition. It is the practice of social transformation and community prayer in the midst of a world straining to know who God is and what God’s plan is. Its method is: See the reality; Judge it bringing to bear our Gospel values; Act on what we see motivated by our values. Our method is our spirituality.

At last we have a volume dedicated to the Spirituality of Liberation (SL) as elaborated by Gustavo Gutierrez, father of Liberation Theology. It speaks of the God of life, the option for the poor, Christ who announces the Reign for the life of the world, the Spirit at the heart of the community. This is a book worth praying on which will move us once again to drink from our own wells.

Frank Regan