Catholics for a Changing Church

"To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often" - Bl. John Henry Newman


1-9 now out of print

10 How must the Church Change?, Rafael Esteban, 1998
Dr Esteban M Afr takes a hard look at the post-Vatican II Church and has some radical criticisms to make, as he points the way to the future.

11 The Future of the Ministerial Priesthood, Rafael Esteban, 2000
Dr Esteban M Afr argues that our understanding of the ministerial priesthood has become distorted, leading to the disabling clericalism the Church is suffering from today.

12. The Future of the Papacy, Rowan Williams, 2000
The Archbishop of Canterbury suggests how the modern papacy must change, if it is to play its full part in the wider Christian church.

13 The Papacy - Myth and Reality, Eamon Duffy, 2000
One of the country's leading Catholic historians, Eamon Duffy examines the history of the papacy and suggests that much that is taken as unchangeable today is not necessarily set in stone.

14 Seeing Sin Where None Is, Elizabeth Price, 2001
Elizabeth Price, wife, mother, trained nurse, explains in a brilliantly argued paper how a flawed theology of sexuality has led to moral injustice, offering a Catholic view on contraception at variance with
Humanae Vitae.

15 Ministry for a Changing Church, Paul Hypher, 2001
Monsignor Hypher of the diocese of East Anglia considers how our structures and thinking about ministry and priesthood must change, if we are to achieve collaborative ministry.

16 Saying No to Rome, John Shelby Spong [no. 8 reissued], 2002
A controversial US Episcopalian (Anglican) bishop, who has great respect for the Catholic Church, writes as an outsider about some of its perceived short-comings.

17 From Hierarchy to Community, Adrian Smith, 2002
Adrian Smith M Afr, an experienced missionary and popular speaker, argues that the old hierarchy paradigm is surely giving way to the community model.

18 Apostolic Succession - magic, power and priesthood, Giles Hibbert, 2003
Dr Giles Hibbert OP takes a look at how our understanding of priesthood and episcopacy has developed over the centuries.

19 Training for Future Priests, Michael Winter, 2003
Dr Michael Winter has lectured in seminaries and universities and is well placed to suggest ways in which the Church should re-examine the way it trains the clergy.

20 Gospel and...or Church, Giles Hibbert, 2003
Some see a conflict between the teaching of Jesus, the Gospel, and the promotion of the Church as an institution to be maintained for its own sake. Can we be loyal both to the Gospel and to the Church?

21 New Age Spirituality - a Christian Perspective, Adrian Smith, 2003
Adrian Smith M Afr examines the New Age phenomenon sympathetically and suggests ways in which it can assist Christians to a new awareness.

22 Power in the Church - Authority and Governance in the RC Church,Kenneth Wilson, 2003
Dr Wilson is a Methodist academic who has examined how the Catholic Church in England is run and makes some interesting suggestions for change.

23 Books for Questioning Catholics, ed Ann Barton, 2003
An annotated reading list of the best progressive writing in such areas as social justice, bible, Jesus, Christian morals, the Vatican, priesthood, Mary, liturgy, spirituality, sexuality, Catholic teaching etc.

24 Celebrations for Christian House Groups, ed Simon Bryden-Brook, 2003
A collection of fourteen brief table liturgies, suitable for use at a meal or as the basis of an agape celebration, or even eucharist, from the collection made by CCC over three decades.

25 Being Church - disciples, apostles, ministers, 2003
Fr Hardwicke has had a wide experience of life before and since ordination and here writes of the ministry of the non-ordained Christian, the baptismal priesthood of all God's people.

26 The Beatitudes - Spirituality or Political Programme?, Giles Hibbert, 2004
Dr Giles Hibbert OP writes as a scripture scholar. The 'option for the poor' is just one of the consequences of Jesus' teaching about God's kingdom of mercy, love and compassion.

27 Church from Above, Church from Below?, Hans Küng [no. 4 reissued] 2004
The world-famous theologian argues for a Church rooted in the people rather than defined by its hierarchy.

28 Wine or Fish? with the Bread of Life, Giles Hibbert, 2004
A brief but challenging study of some aspects of the origins of the Eucharist in Jesus' table fellowship.

29 Eucharistic Living - the joy and anguish of our Eucharist, Frank Regan, 2004
From his years of experience as a priest, Frank Regan argues that the Church betrays Jesus' principles by reserving the eucharist only to those it considers in a fit state to receive it.

30 The Evolution of Christian Morality from Biology to Love, Dr Jack Dominian, 2004
With over thirty books to his credit, Dr Bominian is the foremost Catholic writer on human sexuality and a specialist in the study of marriage breakdown. He challenges the very foundations of Catholic
teaching on sexuality and marriage.

31 Promise Unfulfilled - John Paul II, Ruud Bunnik, 2005
A critical appreciation of the papacy of John Paul II by a retired Dutch priest, theologian and journalist.

32 Back to Jesus?, Giles Hibbert, 2005
Dr Giles Hibbert OP here makes a useful contribution to the quest for the historical Jesus. While he acknowledges the contributions of modern scholars, such as those in the Jesus Seminar and Professor Vermes, at the same time he insists on our need to be rooted in tradition.

33 Catholics and Gay Relationships, Simon Bryden-Brook, 2005
How can the progressive Catholic re-act to the Civil Partnerships Act without accepting the harsh condemnations of some of our bishops?

34 The Church and Islam in Britain, Joseph Seferta, 2006
Dr Seferta is a Chaldean Catholic scholar who was born, and has lived, in Iraq; he sits on various inter-faith committees in the RC diocese of Birmingham and is ideally placed to comment sympathetically on Islam.

35 The Lay Vision and Experience of Jesus, Frank Regan, 2006
With many years as a member of a forward-looking missionary congregation behind him, Frank Regan writes about Jesus and the betrayal of his message that is clericalism.

36 God and our New Selves, John Wijngaards, 2006
Particularly well-known for his scholarly web sites on women's ministry (e.g. and other issues, the theologian and former Vicar General of the Mill Hill Missionaries, argues that our
religion needs to face up to the realities of modern thinking.

37 Women and the Roman Catholic Church, Pat Pinsent, 2006
Dr Pat Pinsent gives a telling account of the wasted potential and unrecocognised achievement of women in the Church.

38 Papal Authority and Catholic-Orthodox Unity, Joseph Seferta, 2006
Like the Archbishop of Canterbury (no. 12), Dr Seferta takes up the challenge of John Paul II's encyclical Ut Unum Sint [italics] and responds as an Eastern rite Catholic.

39 Changing Climate, Changing Church, Edward Echlin, 2007
A noted Catholic writer on ecology and spirituality, Dr Echelin here calls on the Church to accept its responsibilities.

40 Popes for Life?, Ruud Bunnik et al, 2007
Written by a group of Dutch priests retired from the ministry, this paper argues for a retirement age for popes.

41 God's Favourite Colour is Tartan: Approach to Reconciling Religious Differences, Tim Firth, 2007
Former seminary professor and Vicar General, Tim Firth argues cogently for greater tolerance of religious differences.

42 Getting Priesthood Right, Joe Fitzpatrick and Simon Bryden-Brook, 2007
In his foreword to these two essays, Dr Michael Winter, formerly of the Beda, says that the authors focus on unpleasant realities, caused by our failure to live up to Vatican II ideals of ministry.

43 What Happened at Vatican II?, Nicholas Lash, 2007
Respected theologian, Professor Lash takes issue with Vatican attacks on the Alberigo five-volume History of Vatican II, arguing that the Church has failed to live up to the promises of the sixties.

44 Women Leaders and the Catholic Church?, John Wijngaards, 2007
Noted scholar, John Wijngaards takes a mercilessly critical look at the absurd arguments advanced by the Vatican against women's leadership in the Church.

45 A Syllabub of Cherries - The Credo of a Third Millennium Catholic, Giles Hibbert, 2007
Giles Hibbert, a Dominican theologian, takes a look at the ancient creeds and seeks to formulate an acceptable 'credo', which although not comprehensive, should be acceptable to the thinking Catholic of today.

46 The Mind of Benedict XVI, Joseph Fitzpatrick, 2007 Joseph Fitzpatrick looks carefully at the former Cardinal Ratzinger's views and sees little to encourage those who put their hopes in Vatican II.

47 Tomorrow’s Parish, Adrian Smith
This popular retreat giver,  missionary  and  writer,  offers a vision for parishes in the next few decades, firmly based on the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and grass roots developments inspired by the Council.

48 Power Abuse in the Parish, Simon Bryden-Brook
A church musician and former head master takes a piercing look at how parishi­oners as well as clergy can prevent the growth of collaborative ministry.

49 God-bearer, James Alison, Mary
An English theologian examines the two Marian doctrines of Immaculate Con­ception and Assumption, sometimes seen as an embarrassment by third mill­ennium Catholics, and places them firmly within the context of the doctrine of the Incarnation.

50 Renewing Priesthood, Giles Hibbert [ed],
Four articles offering the thoughts of such distinguished Catholic writers as Eamon Duffy, John Wijngaards, Rosemary Radford Ruether and others on the future development of the ministerial priesthood.

51 The Priestless Parish, Adrian Smith
This is the account of a particular, but anonymous, parish and how it learned to operate without its own priest. It is full of practical detail and advice, as well as offering a Constitution for a Parish Pastoral Council and a comprehensive list of responsibilities which require to be covered in any parish. This booklet is going to become more and more relevant as lay leadership grows.

52 The Supremacy of Conscience, Seán Fagan
A noted moral theologian considers a hot topic in the post-Vatican II Church: the place of conscience and its operation. Dr Fagan’s books on morality are best sellers and this booklet is an important statement.

53 Bishop Jacques Gaillot, John Mackrell
Jacques Gaillot was sacked from his diocese of Evreux for effectively being too much of a ‘worker priest’. He turned to the Internet to continue his apostolate and made his nominal see of Partenia (to which he was dis­missed – it consists of sand and a few palm trees) into a real centre of Christian apostleship. Dr Mackrell is an historian with a particular interest in France.

54 North and South. Is there a future for the Church?, Cathy Scott
For many years Ms Scott has worked for CIIR (now Progressio) and has a wide vision of the international Church, particularly focussing on South America. She looks at what we see as the one and universal Church and queries the validity of this vision. Can the cultural and theological dimensions hold together?

55 The Withered Rose, Clare Short
Privy Counsellor and voice of conscience for the political left, Clare Short resigned her position in protest over the Iraqi war. In the last chapter of her critique of Labour: An Honourable Deception? she effectively shows how the Christian principles of her background and up­bringing led her to an overall moral vision which, although not overtly Christian, present us all with a Good News which might indeed be called the Gospel.

56 A Roman Plot. Is the New English Version of the Mass a Betrayal of Vatican II?, Paul Collins
Noted Australian writer, broadcaster, historian and theologian, Dr Collins tells the shocking story of how Roman intrigue led to the humiliation of the world’s English-speaking bishops.


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