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Letter concerning 'Lumen Fidei' (#167)

Dear Archbishops Nichols and Smith,

I now have in front of me a copy of Lumen Fidei.  Para 48 reads: “Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity.  Precisely because all the articles of faith are interconnected, to deny even one of them, even of those that seem lest interconnected, is tantamount to distorting the whole.  Each period of history can find this point of faith easier or harder to accept.  Hence the need for vigilance in ensuring that the deposit of faith is passed on in its entirety”

I have been quoting Mt. 19 4-6 as a statement  by Christ revealing the core truth of the relationship of marriage “They two shall be one flesh, therefore are they no longer two but one flesh.  What God has joined together let no man put asunder”

Augustine, speaking from the experience of fornication not marriage, changed those words of Christ into “In intercourse a man becomes ALL flesh”.  He then proceeded to teach that original sin had distorted human sexuality.  The human habit of “being one flesh” in terms of times per week (as is known both to individual married people and documented by reports such as Kinsley and Hite), instead of being seen as living out this Gospel teaching of oneness, was seen instead as lustful seeking of the physical pleasure put in the act to ensure procreation occurred.  Hence all intercourse which was not procreative in intention or form was condemned as mortal or venial sin. E.g. intercourse in pregnancy was called mortal sin till the 16th century, this because no farmer seeds a field twice.  Sperm was thought to contain the whole embryo, so coitus interruptus, the most common form of birth control was seen as homicide.  1845 saw the discovery of the ovum, so nothing live was being killed.

The Pontifical Commission on Birth Control, after a few years of discussion, said contraception could not be proven to be contrary to Natural Law.  Despite this Paul VI continued to condemn an act of which the guilt could not be proven.  I believe this was one of the most serious miscarriages of moral justice of the 20th Century, which has come about because the teaching of Augustine usurped the teaching of Christ.

Now is the time to accuse Augustine of heresy in changing the teaching of Christ and for the Magisterium to apologise for all the accusations of sin against married people for living out the teaching of Christ in Mt. 19 4-6.  Contraception enables couples to lead a full married life when in the negative times mentioned in their vow “for worse, for poorer and in sickness” they should not conceive a child.  Alas because contraception is used in fornication, contraception NOT fornication is being condemned, and because it is used in fornication Paul VI is being called prophetic and the married still wrongly accused!

The above quoted text from Lumen Fidei gives urgency AND VALIDITY to the above plea.

Yours, in fidelity to the teaching of Christ,        Elizabeth Price

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